A-29.011 - Act respecting parental insurance

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72. An employee resident outside Québec at the end of a year and in respect of whom amounts were deducted in relation to a premium payable under this chapter may not claim a refund of the amounts so deducted nor apply them to the payment of any debt owed by the employee to the Government insofar as those amounts relate to income that is subject to a premium under either a plan similar to that established by this Act if the employee is resident at the end of the year in another province where such a plan is in force, or the employment insurance plan established under the Employment Insurance Act (Statutes of Canada, 1996, chapter 23) if the employee is not resident in such a province at the end of the year.
The first paragraph only applies to an employee if the government of the other province, in the case of the employee resident in that province at the end of the year, or the Government of Canada in other cases, is authorized to make a remittance referred to in section 74 to the Government for the year.
2001, c. 9, s. 72; 2005, c. 13, s. 42.