A-25 - Automobile Insurance Act

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43. When a victim receiving an income replacement indemnity under this chapter reaches his sixty-fifth birthday, the indemnity to which he is entitled is reduced by 25% from that date; it is reduced by 50% from the date of his sixty-sixth birthday and by 75% from the date of his sixty-seventh birthday.
The victim ceases to be entitled to the indemnity from the date of his sixty-eighth birthday.
1977, c. 68, s. 43; 1989, c. 15, s. 1.
43. The benefits paid under this division in the form of a pension are payable once every other week.
Subject to any contrary provision, such benefits shall be paid until the end of the two-week period during which the dependant ceases to be entitled thereto or dies.
1977, c. 68, s. 43.