A-2.01 - Act respecting equal access to employment in public bodies

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15. The Commission shall take the following factors into account in assessing the content of an equal access employment program :
(1)  the size of the public body’s workforce and the number of employees in a type of occupation or occupational group ;
(2)  the availability, within each target group, of qualified persons or persons capable of becoming qualified within a reasonable time in the public body’s workforce and in the relevant recruitment area ;
(3)  the underrepresentation, both in absolute numbers and expressed as a percentage, of each target group concerned ;
(4)  the anticipated growth or reduction of the public body’s workforce during the period covered by the program timetable ;
(5)  the reasonableness of numerical goals ;
(6)  the proposed corrective measures, equal opportunity measures and support measures, if any ; and
(7)  the timetable set for the program.
For the purpose of assessing a program, the Commission may require any document or information from a public body and make the necessary verifications.
2000, c. 45, s. 15.