D-3, r. 13 - Regulation respecting compulsory contribution to the professional liability insurance fund of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec

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4. Any dentist who, as of the coming into force of the resolution of the board of directors of the Order creating the professional liability insurance fund, holds a guarantee against professional liability at least equivalent to that prescribed by the fund complies with this Regulation.
The exception prescribed in the first paragraph ends on the date of expiry of the guarantee held by the dentist, where that date occurs after 31 December 1989.
As of the date of coming into force of this Regulation, a dentist shall not modify or cancel his guarantee against professional liability except to contribute to the fund. However, if his guarantee expires before 31 December 1989, he may renew it for a period of not more than one year.
A dentist holding such a guarantee must provide proof thereof to the secretary by forwarding a copy thereof to him.
O.C. 1750-89, s. 4.