A-20.03, r. 1 - Regulation respecting reserved designations

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3. Certification bodies may be members of an accreditation board, as may the representatives of producers, processors, professional orders, consumers and traders, as well as any group specifically concerned by a given designation.
An accreditation board shall be administered by a board of directors composed of not more than 7 members of whom 5 must represent respectively the following sectors:
1 representative for certification bodies;
1 representative for producers;
1 representative for traders;
1 representative for processors; and
1 representative for consumers.
The other 2 members must represent, according to the needs of the accreditation board, sectors other than those mentioned above.
The Minister shall appoint an observer to the accreditation board and to the board of directors of an accreditation board.
M.O. 1997, s. 3.