T-0.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the Québec sales tax

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350.51R6. The number referred to in subparagraph 3 of the first paragraph of section 350.51R5 must meet the following conditions:
(1)  it must be solely composed of American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) characters;
(2)  it must be composed of 1 to 10 characters;
(3)  the characters must not be an ASCII code number from 0 to 31 (control characters), 34 (right quotation mark), 38 (ampersand), 60 (less-than) or 127 (control character);
(4)  the first and last characters cannot be ASCII code number 32 (space); and
(5)  at least one of the characters must be an ASCII code number from 48 to 57, 65 to 90 or 97 to 122 (alphanumerical characters).
O.C. 642-2010, s. 1.
This section comes into force on 1 November 2011 or on the earliest of the dates set in accordance with paragraphs a to c enacted by section 5 of Order in Council 642-2010 dated 7 July 2010, in respect of each operator of an establishment providing restaurant services to which the paragraphs apply, if the date precedes 1 November 2011. (O.C. 642-2010, 2010 G.O. 2, 2246).