T-0.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the Québec sales tax

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17R13. The bringing into Québec, on a particular day, of a bus or aircraft – in this section referred to as “the conveyance” – that is, on that particular day, imported temporarily in Canada by a lessee of the conveyance under a lease with a lessor not resident in Canada with whom the lessee is dealing at arm’s length, is a prescribed circumstance where
(1)  the conveyance is exported from Canada on or before the earlier of
(a)  the day that is 24 months after the particular day; and
(b)  the day on which the lease is terminated;
(2)  if the conveyance is imported more than once, the total number of months, each of which is included in the periods throughout which the conveyance is held in Canada by the lessee under a lease with the lessor, does not exceed 24; and
(3)  the value of the conveyance is determined in accordance with section 14 of the Value of Imported Goods (GST/HST) Regulations (SOR 91-30).
The value of the conveyance referred to in the first paragraph is determined by the formula
(1/60 × A × B) + C.
In applying the formula provided for in the second paragraph,
(1)  A is the value for duty of the conveyance;
(2)  B is the number of months in the period beginning on the day on which the conveyance is brought into Québec and ending on the day the conveyance is first shipped out of Québec after the day it was brought into Québec; and
(3)  C is the duties payable in respect of the conveyance.
O.C. 1451-2000, s. 3.