S-5, r. 5 - Organization and Management of Institutions Regulation

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3. There shall be 2 classes of reception centres:
(1)  homecare centres that admit adults suffering from a loss of autonomy and provide board and lodging, supervision, care and assistance.
Homecare centres may provide services to beneficiaries suffering from a slight loss of autonomy in pavilions accommodating not fewer than 10 beneficiaries and connected with the centre by a contract for goods and services.
Homecare centres may also provide daytime programs of therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative activities.
(2)  rehabilitation centres that provide specialized adjustment or rehabilitation services.
There shall be five types of rehabilitation centres classified according to the type of beneficiary:
(a)  rehabilitation centres for the socially and emotionally maladjusted;
(b)  rehabilitation centres for the mentally handicapped;
(c)  rehabilitation centres for the physically handicapped;
(d)  rehabilitation centres for drug addicts;
(e)  rehabilitation centres for the mothers experiencing difficulties of adjustment mentioned in Schedule I.
Rehabilitation centres may also provide daytime programs of preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative activities.
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