S-5, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the financial management of institutions and regional councils

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9. Functions of the committee: The audit committee shall perform the following functions:
(1)  advise the board of directors with regard to the choice of an auditor for appointment under section 4;
(2)  examine the scope of the auditor’s work and, where necessary, of the work of those responsible for internal audit;
(3)  examine the results of the external and internal audits and ensure that any recommendations are acted upon;
(4)  make recommendations to the board of directors regarding the financial statements and the auditor’s report and, where necessary, the accounting procedures and any other audit report;
(5)  be at the disposal of the auditor and those responsible for internal audit and assist them during their operations; and
(6)  give its opinion to the board of directors respecting internal checks in the institution and, where necessary, the external and internal audit.
O.C. 1127-84, s. 9.