S-5, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the financial management of institutions and regional councils

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30. Amounts deducted: In determining the instalments the Minister shall pay to a public institution, a private institution covered by section 177 of the Act or a regional council, the following amounts must be deducted from the total approved eligible gross expenditures:
(1)  revenues derived from supplements for private or semi-private rooms in an institution and revenues derived from contributions imposed on beneficiaries who are Québec residents, non-resident beneficiaries and third parties responsible for payment for services provided to a beneficiary under a statute of Québec, Canada or any other government;
(2)  revenues derived from the leasing of premises or the sale of a service to another institution, a regional council or a non-profit organization;
(3)  (paragraph revoked);
(4)  other revenues set out in the Manuel de gestion financière referred to in section 10.
O.C. 1127-84, s. 30; O.C. 546-86, s. 1.