S-5, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the financial management of institutions and regional councils

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11. Annual report of activities: As an annual report of activities, the board of directors of a public institution or regional council shall provide the Minister with a complete report on the information it presents to the public at the information meeting held under sections 23 and 126 of the Act.
The board of directors of every other institution, including any private institution not covered by sections 176 and 177 of the Act, shall provide the Minister with an annual report of its activities, containing the following information:
(1)  a description of the role or purpose of the institution, indicating any new direction adopted during the past year; and
(2)  a statement on the operation of the institution, setting out the objectives laid down at the beginning of the year and the results obtained, together with changes made in services or activities, staff structure and improvement of facilities and equipment.
O.C. 1127-84, s. 11.