S-4.2, r. 5.1 - Regulation respecting certain terms of employment applicable to officers of agencies and health and social services institutions

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76.103. An officer is entitled, for the duration of the agreement, to the coverage of his group insurance plans provided for in section 51 on the basis of the time worked before the beginning of the agreement.
A disabled officer who benefits from the short-term salary insurance plan shall receive a benefit on the basis of the time worked as prescribed for each of the calendar years or parts thereof contemplated by the agreement but reduced, where applicable, by the sick-leave days to be used in accordance with section 76.102. The benefit shall be paid for the duration of the disability, but does not extend beyond the date of expiry of the agreement.
During the period of disability, an officer may use, in whole or in part, his sick-leave fund to make up the difference between his short-term salary insurance benefit and his net salary, in accordance with paragraph 2 of section 75.
T.B. 193821, s. 7.