S-4.2, r. 5.1 - Regulation respecting certain terms of employment applicable to officers of agencies and health and social services institutions

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48. An officer receiving a short-term salary insurance plan benefit may, in agreement with his employer benefit from a period of progressive return to work provided that, during that period, he carries out all the duties of the position he held before his disability or of any other position offered to him by the employer that corresponds to his training and experience and involves a similar remuneration.
During such period of progressive return to work, the officer shall be deemed to be disabled and shall continue to be subject to his salary insurance plan. The officer shall receive, for the proportion of time he works, the salary of the position and any bonus, allowance, compensation or lump sum, if any, and he shall accumulate vacation time and continuous service. For the proportion of time he does not work, he shall receive the applicable salary insurance benefit.
A period of progressive return to work shall not normally exceed 6 consecutive months and may not have the effect of extending the disability period beyond 104 weeks.
O.C. 1218-96, s. 48.