S-4.2, r. 5.1 - Regulation respecting certain terms of employment applicable to officers of agencies and health and social services institutions

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133.1. On 1 April 1997, a salary increase shall be granted to an officer whose work performance during the period from 1 April 1996 to 31 March 1997 is deemed satisfactory. There shall be no appeal under this Regulation regarding the appraisal made by the employer to that effect. The rate of this increase shall represent 4% of the salary of the officer at 31 March 1997, provided that this increase does not make the salary of the officer higher than the maximum of the salary class for his position.
Where an officer holds a part-time position on 1 April 1997 and the percentage of time worked is less than 50% for the reference period, the salary increase for satisfactory performance shall be 2% of his salary at 31 March 1997.
The second, third and fourth paragraphs of section 14 apply to the increase for 1997-1998, by substituting the date “1 April” for the date “1 July” wherever it is found and by making the consequential changes in Schedule II.
O.C. 244-97, s. 1.