S-4.2, r. 5.1 - Regulation respecting certain terms of employment applicable to officers of agencies and health and social services institutions

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11.4. The evaluation class of a position of intermediate officer that is not consistent with a standard position shall be determined in a draft evaluation. This draft evaluation is forwarded to the intermediate officer by a representative of the employer, either the executive director of the institution or the president and executive director of the agency, if the employer is an agency. This draft evaluation is developed in accordance with the evaluation system and with the classification conditions for officer and senior administrator positions established by the Minister. This draft evaluation contains, in particular, the data relating to the application of the factors and sub-factors used to determine the evaluation class of the position.
If the intermediate officer accepts the draft evaluation, the employer shall make the evaluation class for that position effective in the manner set out in section 17.1.
If the intermediate officer does not accept the draft evaluation, he or she may make representations to the employer within 30 days after the draft evaluation is sent. The intermediate officer may be accompanied by a representative.
If, at the end of the 30-day period, no agreement has been reached between the employer and the intermediate officer, the employer shall submit the draft evaluation, along with the intermediate officer’s representations, if any, to the Minister. The Minister shall then determine the evaluation class of the position. This decision is binding upon the intermediate officer and the employer, and may not be appealed.
T.B. 196312, s. 14; M.O. 2011-019, s. 13.