S-4.2, r. 5.01 - Regulation respecting the conditions for obtaining a certificate of compliance and the operating standards for a private seniors’ residence

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60. The operator of a private seniors’ residence who proceeds with or requests the identification of a loss of autonomy of a resident or a prospective resident, in order to determine the services required by the resident or prospective resident, must ensure that the identification is conducted using the tool for the identification of persons with decreasing autonomy Prisma-7.
The operator who, for the same purposes, proceeds with or requests an assessment of the autonomy of such a resident or prospective resident, must ensure that the assessment is conducted using the functional autonomy measurement system (système de mesure de l’autonomie fonctionnelle (SMAF)) by a professional authorized to do so.
Only the tools referred to in the first and second paragraphs may be used to conduct such identification or assessment.
O.C. 100-2013, s. 60.