S-4.2, r. 26 - Regulation respecting the transmission of information on blood or blood product recipients

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1. An institution that operates or has operated a hospital centre of the class of general and specialized hospital centres shall transmit to the Minister of Health and Social Services the following information about users who, according to available blood bank registers, received a blood transfusion or blood products between 1960 and July 1990: the user’s name at birth and, for records prior to 4 April 1981, the husband’s name, the date of birth, sex, health insurance number, social insurance number where the health insurance number is unavailable, the name of the user’s mother where the health or social insurance number is unavailable, the date of the blood transfusion or of the administration of blood products, the unit number and the type of products received (whole blood, packed red cells, platelets, cryoprecipitates, cryoprecipitate supernatants, plasma and granulocyte, including the blood group and the Rh factor) and the number of the facility where the transfusion or blood products were administered.
O.C. 804-2000, s. 1.