S-4.2, r. 22.1 - Regulation respecting the procedure for designating certain members of the board of directors of the public institution referred to in Part IV.2 of the Act respecting health services and social services

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19. The officer completes the certificate of designation provided in Schedule III and sends a copy of the certificate, the designated member’s nomination paper, the completed candidate information sheet and any resolution received under section 14 to nominate a candidate to the Minister within 3 working days.
Within the same period, the officer sends the original documents, the nomination papers for undesignated candidates, the completed candidate information sheets and all resolutions received under section 14, to the president and executive director of the institution.
The president and executive director posts a copy of the certificate of designation in a location accessible to the public in each of the institution’s facilities. The president and executive director must also publish the certificate on the website of the institution.
M.O. 2015-016, s. 19.