S-4.2, r. 16 - Regulation respecting the leasing of immovables by public institutions and agencies

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8. An applicant may not use a call for tenders
(1)  where the applicant wishes to lease premises in a public or parapublic immovable;
(2)  where, near the expiry of a lease contract with a fixed term, the applicant wishes to continue occupying the premises and to negotiate the terms and conditions of a new contract, provided that the applicant uses the model contract form prescribed for the type of lease concerned, if any;
(3)  to lease an additional main area in an immovable where a part thereof is already leased by the applicant;
(4)  to lease parking space;
(5)  where the main purpose of the proposed contract is to lease the services of an intermediate resource, even though the contract involves the leasing of immovables; or
(6)  in a case of emergency where the safety of persons or property is at stake and where any delay caused by calling for tenders would be detrimental to the applicant, provided that the term of the leasing contract does not exceed 1 year.
M.O. 93-03, s. 8.