S-4.2, r. 16 - Regulation respecting the leasing of immovables by public institutions and agencies

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4. To obtain the authorization required under section 263 of the Act, the public institution shall submit to its agency a leasing project clearly stating all the reasons justifying the project and clearly indicating all the details of the functional and technical plan proposed. The foregoing also applies to any leasing project that must be submitted to the Minister for approval.
The project submitted shall, in particular,
(1)  specify whether it is a renewal of a lease, a leasing of additional premises or a change of location;
(2)  indicate the investigations carried out into the availability of a public or parapublic immovable that might meet the applicant’s needs;
(3)  provide the boundaries of the proposed search location, which must comply with the zoning by-laws in force and be sufficiently spread out to create a healthy competition;
(4)  provide a detailed description of the specific requirements of the proposed layout;
(5)  provide the calculation of the main area of the proposed leasing and indicate the desired term of the lease;
(6)  estimate the annual cost of the rent to be paid and indicate the method of financing and, where applicable, the cost and financing method of any additional or operating expenses involved in the project; and
(7)  provide the agreements in principle already received from the agency or the Minister, as the case may be, concerning the programming of the applicant’s activities underlying the leasing project.
M.O. 93-03, s. 4.