S-4.2, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the assessment of the needs of a person requesting emergency lodging as a victim of violence

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1. An assessment of financial situation shall be carried out in the case of every adult person requesting emergency lodging in a shelter for victims of violence, to determine if the person is in need of assistance.
For that purpose, on admission or as soon as possible thereafter, the person, assisted by a shelter staff member, shall fill out the form in Schedule I on which the following particulars shall be declared:
(1)  name;
(2)  date of birth;
(3)  file number, if the person is receiving last resort benefits under the Individual and Family Assistance Act (chapter A-13.1.1);
(4)  available liquid personal assets;
(5)  available monthly personal income;
(6)  monthly amount of social insurance benefits received from the federal government, other than family allowances, and the nature of the benefits;
(7)  the number of children accompanying the person.
The person shall sign the form and shall remit it to the person in charge of the shelter.
O.C. 1401-92, s. 1.