S-4.2, r. 11 - Regulation respecting the election by the public of certain members of the board of directors of a public institution

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5. The duties of a returning officer are, notably, to
(1)  receive nomination papers and accept or refuse them;
(2)  send the list of candidates to the executive director of the institution;
(3)  inform the voters and candidates of the election procedure;
(4)  appoint scrutineers for assistance in the performance of his or her duties;
(5)  implement the mechanisms chosen by the executive director of the institution enabling candidates to address the public;
(6)  supervise the conduct of the election;
(7)  check voter eligibility, particularly by means of the declaration in section 25;
(8)  count the votes;
(9)  cancel irregular ballot papers in accordance with section 31;
(10)  complete the vote count report referred to in section 32 and the compilation of counts referred to in section 33;
(11)  complete the certificates of election by acclamation, declarations of election not held, and certificates of election referred to in sections 14, 15 and 35;
(12)  send the documents referred to in sections 14, 15, and 35 to the agency and the executive director of the institution.
M.O. 2006-016, s. 5.