S-3.1, r. 8 - By-law respecting qualifications for recreational underwater diving

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8. A diver certificate is valid for 3 years. It may be renewed for the same period.
A person who wishes to renew his diver certificate shall meet 1 of the following conditions:
(1)  prove, by means of his diver’s log, that he has made at least 10 recreational underwater dives using compressed breathing gas in the last 3 years;
(2)  prove that he took part in a knowledge and skills refresher course during a dive supervised by a qualified instructor; or
(3)  pass the qualifying examinations for a Class A, B or C diver certificate, as the case may be.
For the purposes of subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph, the refresher course must include a theoretical review and a practical review in open water of the content of the examination referred to in Schedules 2, 3 or 4, as the case may be.
M.O. 2002-01, s. 8; M.O. 2011-01-31, s. 6.