S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.9.25. Motorized scaffolding: In addition to the standards prescribed in section 3.9.22, every motorized scaffolding manufactured after 13 March 2008 shall:
(1)  be designed and manufactured in compliance with ISO Standard 16369 - Mast-Climbing Work Platforms, applicable at the time of the manufacture;
(2)  have the sides of the work platform next to a mast protected over a height of at least 2 m to prevent access to the mast when the speed of the work platform exceeds 2.5 m per minute;
(3)  be equipped with a device preventing the fall of the work platform in case of malfunction of the hoisting system;
(4)  have at least one plate on which the following particulars appear in French:
(a)  the name of the manufacturer;
(b)  the date of manufacture;
(c)  the climbing speed;
(d)  the self-bearing height;
(e)  the electric power supply; and
(f)  the load table;
(5)  in addition to the manufacturer’s instructions, be inspected in compliance with the following minimum conditions:
(a)  before each use, in compliance with section of ISO 16369 - Mast-Climbing Work Platforms ­Standard, applicable at the time of the manufacture, by a qualified person; and
(b)  quarterly by a qualified mechanic;
(6)  undergo every year a visual examination of its welds by a welding inspector holding a certificate issued by the Canadian Welding Bureau or a welding supervisor in the employ of a company certified in compliance with the requirements of CSA Standard W47.1 Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel; and
(7)  undergo every 5 years a non-destructive examination of the bearing parts by an organization certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau in compliance with the requirements of CSA Standard W178.1 Certification of Welding Inspection Organizations.
In addition, a complete instruction manual for every motorized scaffolding, written in French, must be at the disposal of users to ensure the scaffolding is used safely.
O.C. 119-2008, s. 7.