S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.8.2. Resistance:
(1)  A guardrail shall be designed to:
(a)  resist a concentrated horizontal force of 900 N applied to any point of the top plate; and
(b)  resist a concentrated vertical force of 450 N applied to any point of the top plate.
(2)  Where there is a concentration of workers, as well as other areas where a guardrail may be submitted to unusual pressures, the guardrail shall be reinforced accordingly.
(3)  Where equipment or materials may fall from one work level to another, precautions shall be taken to avoid this, unless there is a guardrail strengthened for this purpose.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-2.1, r. 6, s. 3.8.2.