S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

Full text A toilet must be
(1)  within easy access;
(2)  free from any obstacle or obstruction that could prevent the toilet from being used;
(3)  built so that the occupant is sheltered from view and protected from the weather and falling objects;
(4)  provided with natural or artificial lighting;
(5)  equipped with a seat and cover;
(6)  provided with toilet paper;
(7)  heated to a minimum of 20 °C; and
(8)  ventilated.
The toilet must be maintained in good operating condition and in a clean and sanitary condition and be kept free of vermin, rodents and insects.
Any cracked or damaged toilet seat must be replaced immediately.
O.C. 428-2015, s. 3.