S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.2.7. Toilets: As of the first day of work, a toilet must be placed at the disposal of workers. If 25 or more workers are to occupy the site at the same time, a flushing toilet must be placed at their disposal, even if all the workers are not yet present on site. If there never will be more than 24 workers on site, a chemical toilet may be at their disposal.
One toilet is provided per group of 30 workers or fewer.
If a flushing toilet is not connected to a waterworks or sewer system in accordance with the Construction Code (chapter B-1.1, r. 2), it must collect the waste in a tank to process the waste chemically and be built in accordance with the standard Sanitation - Nonsewered Waste - Disposal Systems - Minimum requirements, ANSI Z4.3-1995 (R. 2005), published by the American National Standards Institute.
The obligation to place a toilet at the disposal of workers is met if the workers are authorized to use the sanitary facilities of an establishment located at a distance that complies with section
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3.2.7. Toilet facilities: As soon as work has started, there shall be at least one toilet per group of 30 workers or less, up to 7. These toilets shall be:
(a)  within easy access of working sites;
(b)  built so that the occupant is sheltered from view and protected from the weather and falling objects;
(c)  provided with natural or artificial lighting;
(d)  provided with sufficient toilet paper and disinfectant;
(e)  kept in a clean and sanitary condition;
(f)  supplied with a seat and cover;
(g)  heated to a minimum of 18 ºC; and
(h)  suitably ventilated.
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