S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

Full text An employer handling or removing friable materials containing asbestos whose volume of debris exceeds 0.03 m3 without exceeding 0.3 m3, for each minor renovation or specific regular maintenance work, shall fulfil the obligations provided for in paragraphs 3, 3.1, 4 and 6 to 12 of section 3.23.15, those provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2, in subparagraph e of paragraph 7 and paragraphs 10 and 11 of section 3.23.16, as well as the following obligations:
(1)  the employer shall ensure that disposable protective clothing is used;
(2)  the work area shall be sealed off from the rest of the building by an airtight enclosure that has a ventilation system equipped with a high-efficiency filter; notwithstanding the foregoing, where work is done outdoors, the airtight enclosure is not required;
(3)  the following decontamination procedure shall be applied before any worker leaves the work area:
(a)  the enclosure shall be cleaned by wetting or by means of a vacuum cleaner equipped with a high-efficiency filter;
(b)  after removal of protective clothing, the respirator and the safety helmet shall be cleaned by wetting;
(c)  the worker shall wash the parts of his body that have been exposed to dust containing asbestos.
O.C. 459-99, s. 11; O.C. 393-2011, s. 18.