S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.23.15. On a construction site where moderate-risk work is being carried out, an employer, in addition to the obligations provided for in sections 3.23.3 to 3.23.14, shall comply with the following:
(1)  the wearing of a reusable protective respiratory apparatus equipped with a high efficiency filter for protection from asbestos as specified in the Guide des appareils de protection respiratoire utilisés au Québec, published by the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail, is compulsory for any worker present in the work area; the equipment shall be selected, adjusted, and maintained in accordance with CSA Standard Z94.4-93 Selection, Use and Care of Respirators;
(2)  notwithstanding paragraph 1, a respirator that complies with the provisions of paragraph 1 or 2 of section 3.23.16 shall be worn in the following cases:
(a)  for the handling or removal of friable material containing crocidolite or amosite;
(b)  for any work covered by subparagraph d of paragraph 2 of section 3.23.2;
(3)  protective clothing shall be worn by any person present in the work area and the clothing worn shall be used exclusively for carrying out such work;
(3.1)  the employer must provide workers with a changing room that complies with section 3.2.11;
(4)  the employer shall ensure that the protective clothing is clean and dry at the beginning of each day on which it is to be used;
(5)  the employer shall cause reusable protective clothing to be washed or shall cause it to be cleaned by means of a vacuum cleaner equipped with a high-efficiency filter before reuse;
(6)  where a worker wears winter work clothes, the employer shall provide disposable protective clothing so that the worker can at all times wear 2 layers of disposable protective clothing over his winter work clothes;
(7)  where a person wearing disposable protective clothing leaves the work premises referred to in this section, the employer shall ensure that the clothing is placed in a plastic bag supplied by him and he shall ensure that the bag is hermetically sealed immediately;
(8)  the employer shall ensure that a worker does not wear or carry his work clothes and protective footwear outside the work premises referred to this section, unless they have been washed or cleaned by means of a vacuum cleaner fitted with a high-efficiency filter;
(9)  during work to recover friable materials containing asbestos, the employer shall isolate the work area with an enclosure made of materials impervious to asbestos fibres;
(10)  during work to remove false ceilings for the purpose of gaining access to a work area where friable materials containing asbestos are found, the employer shall isolate the work area with an enclosure made of materials impervious to asbestos fibre and protect the building’s ventilation system from any contamination;
(11)  the employer shall post a sign at the entrance to each work area. That sign shall be yellow, 500 mm high by 350 mm wide and shall indicate in black letters of the size specified below the following information in the following order:
Information Size of letters


DANGER 40 mm

Do not breathe dust 15 mm

Protective equipment must be worn 15 mm

No admittance 15 mm

Inhaling asbestos dust may
be harmful to your health 10 mm;
(12)  where there is no enclosure such as referred to in paragraphs 9 and 10, the work area shall be marked off by hazard signs.
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