S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.15.7. Caissons:
(1)  No worker shall enter a caisson unless:
(a)  he is protected by a steel shoring:
i.  that is sufficiently resistant;
ii.  covering all the depth above the worker who is working therein; and
iii.  extending at least 300 mm above ground level;
(b)  he uses a boatswain’s chair in accordance with section 3.9.17;
(c)  (paragraph revoked);
(d)  he is under the constant supervision of another worker for as long as he is in the trench;
(e)  he accompanies each load of materials excavated if he cannot take shelter outside the caisson;
(f)  any accumulation of water or mud inside the caisson is controlled;
(g)  the provisions of Subdivision 3.21 have been complied with.
(2)  No worker shall enter the belled area of a caisson unless such section is solidly shored or unless an engineer attests that such shoring is not necessary, given the nature and stability of the ground. A copy of that attestation shall be available on the construction site at all times.
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