S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

Full text All-terrain vehicles
The use of all-terrain vehicles on a construction site is permitted only under the following conditions:
(a)  the vehicle is mounted on at least 4 wheels;
(b)  it is equipped with a portable fire extinguisher complying with section 3.4.4 of this Code;
(c)  it is equipped with a yellow flag at least 0.05 m2 in area placed at least 1.5 m off the ground;
(d)  the driver of the vehicle has the skill and knowledge required to safety use the vehicle as well as the extinguisher with which it is equipped;
(e)  the driver shall wear the following pieces of individual protective equipment:
i.  a motorcycle or snowmobile protective helmet conforming to the Protective Helmets Regulation (chapter C-24.2, r. 6);
ii.  safety glasses or a face shield that comply with the latest version of CAN/CSA Standard Z94.3 Eye and Face Protectors, within 24 months following its last update, or a visor designed to be attached to a protective helmet;
iii.  flexible leather gloves or gloves made of a material that ensures a snug fit at the wrists and a good grip on the vehicle’s controls.
It is prohibited to install a winch on an all-terrain vehicle.
In this section, “all-terrain vehicle” means a pleasure vehicle designed for driving elsewhere than on public highways and having a net mass not exceeding 450 kg.
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