S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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2.8.3. Training of site signal persons: Site signal persons direct operators of self-propelled vehicles, namely during backup maneuvers. Site signal persons must undergo training, given by an instructor, that deals with the following elements:
(1)  the risks associated with the circulation of persons and self-propelled vehicles on a site;
(2)  the traffic rules and safety instructions on a site, including those provided for in the traffic plan, the marking of traffic zones and the instructions necessary to perform their task;
(3)  work equipment appropriate for the signal person’s duties such as high-visibility safety apparel and bidirectional means of telecommunications;
(4)  the signal person’s role and responsibilities;
(5)  the positioning of site signal persons and the blind spots of self-propelled vehicles;
(6)  the means of communication and the code of hand signals related to backup maneuvers.
O.C. 1078-2015, s. 3.