S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

Full text
2.4.2. The employer shall ensure that:
(a)  all necessary steps are taken to ensure public safety and the safety of workers;
(b)  any worker on a construction site wears at all times clothing completely covering his torso and back;
(c)  (paragraph revoked);
(d)  workers do not involve themselves in games or competitions while at work;
(e)  any worker does not work while his faculties are impaired by alcohol, drug or any other similar substance;
(f)  any worker knows:
i.  this Code;
ii.  any operation ensuring the good running order of apparatus and machinery for which he is responsible;
iii.  the emergency measures to observe in case of fire, explosion, or other accidents;
(g)  any worker is informed of the inherent dangers in his work;
(h)  (paragraph revoked);
(i)  management and control staff working mainly and usually on a construction site and workers working on a construction site have taken a safety course and hold a certificate issued by the Commission or by an organization it recognizes.
However, a natural person who, to obtain a contractor’s licence or to qualify a partnership or legal person for a licence, has passed the examination on construction site safety management skills required by the Regulation respecting the professional qualification of contractors and owner-builders (chapter B-1.1, r. 9) or who is exempted therefrom by that regulation or by a regulation under section 182 of the Building Act (chapter B-1.1), shall be exempted from taking such safety course;
(j)  on an outlying construction site, all the required accommodations are provided for the inspector on the duration of this inspection work;
(k)  the apparatus, equipment or tools used on a construction site conform to this Code.
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