S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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2.15.6. Handling of loads:
(1)  Before ordering the hoisting of a load, the signalman shall ensure that all cables, chains, slings or other moorings are properly attached to the load and that the hoisting does not present any hazard.
(2)  The hoisting of loads shall be done vertically.
(3)  When oblique hoisting is absolutely necessary, precautions dictated by the circumstances shall be taken, and this operation shall be performed in the presence of a representative of the employer.
(4)  If the safety of any person is threatened by the uncontrolled movement or the swinging of a raised load, one or more guide ropes shall be used.
(5)  (Subsection revoked).
(6)  The crane operator shall not allow a worker to stand on a load, a hook or a sling suspended to a hoisting apparatus.
(7)  Hooks used for hoisting loads and hooks attached to slings shall be equipped with a safety catch.
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