S-2.1, r. 14 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety in mines

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390. During shaft sinking work:
(1)  the dump door into which the contents of the conveyance are discharged shall be designed so as to prevent any fall of rock or other objects into the shaft during the unloading operation;
(2)  at least one safety door shall be installed in a vertical shaft or one inclined at more than 80º from the horizontal; the door shall:
(a)  be located below the level of the floor in each station where material and equipment necessary for sinking the shaft is loaded or unloaded;
(b)  remain closed and cover the shaft when objects are loaded or unloaded from a conveyance, except when the conveyance is unloaded in accordance with paragraph 1;
(c)  be held, when it is open, so that it cannot accidentally project into a hoisting compartment of a shaft;
(d)  be controlled by lever that cannot be operated by gravity;
(3)  it is prohibited to suspend a load from a hook not equipped with a safety latch.
O.C. 213-93, s. 390.