S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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354.1. Characteristics of a warning line: A warning line must be
(1)  continuous and installed on all sides of the work area that it delimits;
(2)  placed at a distance of 2 m or more from any place where a worker may fall from a height;
(3)  made of a rigid strip, a cable or a chain able to withstand a tractive force of at least 2,22 kN;
(4)  equipped with flags made of high-visibility materials and placed at intervals of not more than 2 m;
(5)  capable of withstanding a load of 100 N applied horizontally at the line’s highest point or vertically at its midpoint between 2 stanchions;
(6)  completed at each access point, storage area or hoisting area by a path formed by 2 parallel lines not exceeding 3 m in length. In places where the access path starts at a roof edge, a guardrail must be installed on the side of the roof, in compliance with section 33.3, so as to cover the first 3 m on either side of the access path’s starting point; and
(7)  installed so that the line is
(a)  located between 0,7 m above the work surface at the line’s lowest point and 1,2 m above that surface at its highest point;
(b)  supported by stanchions placed at intervals of not more than 2,5 m; and
(c)  attached to each stanchion so that pushing on the line between 2 stanchions does not reduce the height of the line between adjacent stanchions by an equivalent amount.
1411-2018O.C. 1411-2018, s. 32.