S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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312.91. Ice diving: The following safety standards must be complied with when ice diving:
(1)  the dive team must consist of at least 4 divers, including 1 diver, 1 standby diver and 2 diver’s tenders, 1 of whom is the diving supervisor;
(2)  no diver may go under the ice more than 50 m from the point of entry into the water;
(3)  the bearing capacity of the ice must be evaluated;
(4)  the hole made in the ice must
(a)  be triangular;
(b)  allow the passage of 2 divers; and
(c)  have a perimeter visibly defined; and
(5)  the piece of ice taken from the hole must be
(a)  removed from the water to avoid forming an obstacle or binding the lifeline; and
(b)  put back into place after the dive.
O.C. 425-2010, s. 3.