S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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312.7. Composition of the dive team: All diving must be performed in teams.
Subject to sections 312.19, 312.76, 312.80, 312.84, paragraph 1 of section 312.86, section 312.87, paragraph 1 of section 312.88, the first paragraph of section 312.89 and paragraph 1 of section 312.91, a dive team must consist of at least 3 divers sharing the duties of diving supervisor, diver, standby diver and diver’s tender, according to the following:
(1)  the diving supervisor may also act as standby diver or diver’s tender; and
(2)  the standby diver may also act as diving supervisor but not as diver’s tender.
In addition, the dive team includes 2 hyperbaric chamber operators when such a chamber is required.
O.C. 425-2010, s. 3.