S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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186. (Revoked).
O.C. 885-2001, s. 186; O.C. 1187-2015, s. 2.
186. Adjustment, repair, unjamming, maintenance and apprenticeship: When a worker must access a machine’s danger zone for adjustment, unjamming, maintenance, apprenticeship or repair purposes, including for detecting abnormal operations, and to do so, he must move or remove a protector, or neutralize a protective device, the machine shall only be restarted by means of a manual control or in compliance with a safety procedure specifically provided for allowing such access. This manual control or this procedure shall have the following characteristics:
(1)  it causes any other control mode or any other procedure, as the case may be, to become inoperative;
(2)  it only allows the operation of the dangerous parts of the machine by a control device requiring continuous action or a two-hand control device;
(3)  it only allows the operation of these dangerous parts under enhanced security conditions, for instance, at low speed, under reduced tension, step-by-step or by separate steps.
O.C. 885-2001, s. 186.