S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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15. Walkways: Walkways inside a building shall:
(1)  be kept in good order and free from any obstruction;
(2)  be maintained to keep the surface from becoming slippery, even through wear or humidity;
(3)  be wide enough to allow the safe handling of materials and be at least 600 mm wide;
(4)  be at least 1,100 mm wide if they serve as direct access to an exit;
(5)  be clearly marked out by lines traced on the floor or be bordered by facilities, equipment, walls or material or merchandise depots, to permit the safe passage of persons;
(6)  have a free space of at least 2 m above the floor unless the danger is made known by means of a visible sign;
(7)  be equipped with a guardrail wherever there is a falling hazard.
O.C. 885-2001, s. 15.