S-0.1, r. 14 - Regulation respecting the standards and conditions of practice for conducting home deliveries

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4. Before the 36th week of pregnancy, the midwife must visit the home chosen for the birth.
The midwife must then ensure that on the due date, services may be provided in a safe environment.
To that end, the midwife shall take into account
(1)  the accessibility to the home for herself and for ambulance services;
(2)  the physical organization of the home;
(3)  the immediate access to an adequate means of communication in the case of a situation requiring a medical consultation or an urgent transfer to a facility maintained by an institution which operates a general and specialized hospital centre; and
(4)  the reasonableness of the distance to travel between the home and that facility.
O.C. 456-2004, s. 4.