R-9.3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the partition and assignment of benefits accrued under the Pension Plan of Elected Municipal Officers

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20. For the purposes of section 17, the amount of pension that would be obtained on the basis of the sums awarded to the spouse at the date of assessment shall be established at that date according to the actuarial method and assumptions provided for in section 7. That amount is presumed applicable at the date of assessment.
The amount of pension obtained pursuant to the first paragraph shall be indexed in the same manner as the pension or in the same manner as though it were being paid at the date of assessment, from 1 January following that date to 1 January of the year during which that amount of begins to apply.
The amount of pension obtained pursuant to the first and second paragraphs shall be increased by 0.50% per month, calculated for each month between the date of assessment and the date on which that amount of pension begins to apply, if the pension was being paid on the date of assessment or would have been if the former council member had made an application to that effect.
O.C. 1753-91, s. 20; O.C. 1188-95, s. 8.