R-8.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the criteria for the fixing of rent

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3.1. The percentages applicable to the criteria are established annually pursuant to this section.
For operating expenses, the indicator used is that which is most representative of each category of expense among those established by Statistics Canada for Québec. The difference between the indicator for the reference period and that of the preceding year is divided by the indicator of the reference period; notwithstanding the foregoing, the percentage applicable to maintenance costs shall not be less than that applicable to net income.
For net income, the percentage of variation between the cost index of rent for the year preceding the reference period and that for the reference period established by Statistics Canada for Québec is applied; that percentage is reduced by 2% when it is 4% or more and reduced by one-half when it is less than 4%.
For capital expenditures, the average interest rates administered by Canadian trust companies during the reference period on 5-year guaranteed investment certificates is increased by 1%. These interest rates are published in the Bank of Canada Review.
The minister responsible for the application of title I of the Act respecting the Régie du logement (chapter R-8.1) notifies the public of the calculations in the Gazette officielle du Québec and, if he considers it appropriate, by any other means.
O.C. 1506-97, s. 3.