R-7, r. 2 - Regulation respecting contracts for the alienation of surplus movable property

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8. All calls for tenders made under this Regulation must include the following provisions and information:
(a)  a brief description of the property to be alienated;
(b)  the place where it is stored;
(c)  the place where the documents and information needed to prepare the tender may be obtained;
(d)  the conditions required to obtain the documents necessary to prepare the tender;
(e)  the place as well as the date and time limit set for the deposit and opening of tenders;
(f)  the conditions of payment;
(g)  the procedure for removing the movable property sold;
(h)  that the Board does not bind itself to accept the highest or any other tender;
(i)  that the tender will be valid for a stipulated time period;
(j)  that every tender, in order to be considered, be sent duly completed to the place indicated and before the time stipulated.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. R-7, r. 3, s. 8.