R-20, r. 3 - Regulation respecting certain exemptions from the requirement of holding a competency certificate or an exemption issued by the Commission de la construction du Québec

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5. For the purposes of paragraph 1 of section 35 of the Regulation respecting the hiring and mobility of employees in the construction industry (O.C. 1946-82, 82-08-25), a person who is exempted under section 1, 2.1 or 2.3 of this Regulation is deemed to be domiciled in the region in which the work relating to the employment offered is being carried out; where the person is hired to carry out such work, he is deemed to be domiciled in that region for the duration of the employment.
O.C. 4-97, s. 5; O.C. 759-98, s. 4; O.C. 142-2009, s. 4.