R-15.1, r. 3.1 - Regulation providing temporary relief measures for the funding of solvency deficiencies

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14. To calculate the amount referred to in the third paragraph of section of the Act at the date of the termination of the pension plan, section 10 shall read by replacing:
(1)  in the part of the second paragraph preceding the formula, “any subsequent actuarial valuation” by “the plan’s termination”;
(2)  the last sentence of the third paragraph by the following: “Should the date of the last actuarial valuation or the date of termination of the plan not correspond to the date of the end of a fiscal year of the plan, the only payments taken into account are those related to the amortization payments, current service contributions and special amortization payments that became due during the period starting the day following the last actuarial valuation and ending on the date of termination.”.
O.C. 503-2012, s. 14.