R-10, r. 5 - Regulation respecting certain temporary measures prescribed by Title IV of the Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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11. For the purposes of the second paragraph of section 203 of the Act, the reduction is calculated by application of the following table:
Months between the date % of reduction of the
of retirement and the date sum of the annual
when the person will be 65 amounts added
0 0.000
12 10.569
24 20.990
36 30.029
48 37.896
60 44.764
72 50.778
84 56.059
96 60.707
108 64.810
120 68.438
132 71.655
144 74.511
156 77.053
168 79.319
180 81.341
In addition to the reduction provided for in the first paragraph, the sum of the annual amounts that a person may cause to be added to his pension pursuant to the first paragraph of section 203 of the Act is also reduced, where applicable, so as not to exceed the amount “M” in the following formula:
(100% - A) x (P - R) = M
“A” represents the percentage of reduction of the sum of the annual amounts added applicable under the first paragraph;
“P” represents the amount of the pension and the amount that, where applicable, is added thereto pursuant to section 85.7 of the Act, as well as the amount of pension credit, on the date of retirement;
“R” represents the amount calculated pursuant to section 39 of the Act, section 38 of the Act respecting the Teachers Pension Plan (chapter R-11) or section 63.3 of the Act respecting the Civil Service Superannuation Plan (chapter R-12), as the case may be.
O.C. 1863-83, s. 11; O.C. 1617-93, s. 2.