Q-2, r. 40.1 - Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises

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53.0.4. In addition to the elements mentioned in section 5, the recovery and reclamation program of an enterprise referred to in section 2 or 8 must provide, where applicable, measures respecting the recovery and treatment of halocarbons, their isomers and any other alternative substance, which are contained in particular in insulating foams or are used as refrigerant in refrigeration, freezing or air conditioning systems of the products covered by this Division, and any hazardous material in accordance with every applicable environmental standard.
Despite paragraph 10 of section 5, the requirement to provide in the program the modulation of costs for each household appliance or air conditioner applies only as of the fourth calendar year of implementation of the program.
For enterprises referred to in section 2, the recovery and reclamation program of an enterprise must provide, in addition to the drop-off centres provided for in Chapter V, an additional collection service directly at the consumer.
1074-2019O.C. 1074-2019, s. 8.