Q-2, r. 34.1 - Regulation respecting municipal wastewater treatment works

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23. A monetary administrative penalty of $2,000 for a natural person or $10,000 in other cases may be imposed on the operator of municipal wastewater treatment works
(1)  who operates a sanitary, partially separated sanitary or combined sewer system without being connected to a treatment plant in contravention of section 5;
(2)  who does not comply with a discharge standard provided for in section 6 or 7;
(3)  whose works overflows or diverts wastewater in dry weather in contravention of section 8;
(4)  who fails to notify the Minister of the events referred to in section 15;
(5)  who fails to comply with the measures planned to minimize or eliminate the effects of an overflow, a failure of the equipment or a diverting in accordance with the fourth paragraph of section 15.
O.C. 1305-2013, s. 23.