Q-2, r. 34.1 - Regulation respecting municipal wastewater treatment works

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21. A monetary administrative penalty of $500 for a natural person or $2,500 in other cases may be imposed on the operator of municipal wastewater treatment works who fails
(1)  to measure the flow rate of wastewater from the works in accordance with section 4 and to use the device referred to in that section;
(2)  to collect a sample or take a measurement and analyze it in accordance with section 6, to perform an acute toxicity test in accordance with section 7 or to list an overflow of wastewater in accordance with the first paragraph of section 9;
(3)  to install a device that records the overflows of wastewater of the works in accordance with the second paragraph of section 9;
(4)  to have the operation and monitoring of works carried out by a qualified person under section 10;
(5)  to notify the Minister without delay of any modification that has the effect of modifying the operating conditions of works in accordance with section 16.
O.C. 1305-2013, s. 21.